Brake Pads and Coated Rotors

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Omnicraft is the newest member of the Ford lineup of parts offering affordable, reliable parts designed for non-Ford/Lincoln repairs. With over a century of parts heritage to build upon, Omnicraft is a quality choice for your business.

Omnicraft Brakes

  • Available for most non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles
  • Delivers quality fit and competitive pricing
  • Offers industry-comparable warranty
  • Convenient one stop availability from Ford
  • Tested to provide performance and long-life reliability

Omnicraft Brake Pads

Friction material matched to vehicle family & usage

  • Ready to install out of the box
  • Ceramic pads are formulated for:

- High heat tolerance with little fade

- Quiet and low dusting braking performance

  • Semi-metallic pads are formulated for:

- High heat absorption that pulls heat out of the braking system

- Consistent braking performance with excellent cold bite

Omnicraft Rotors & Drums

  • GG15HC formulated high carbon casting* for:

-Enhanced heat dissipation and extended brake life 

- High resistance to thermal cracking and fade 

- Low noise propensity and resistance to brake judder

  • Rotor Coating for:

- Corrosion prevention and increased rust resistance 

- Clean appearance for open wheels

*Hub rotors made from industry standard G3000 cast iron




warranty 1

Brake Pads

warranty 2

Brake Drums


Brake Rotors

*Limited labor costs. **See seller for limited warranty details. Defect only. Original purchaser and receipt required. Excludes towing. Parts included.Labor limited 2yrs.