Brake Pads

A Trusted Relationship Just Got Better

Omnicraft is the latest brand for affordable, quality parts designed for your vehicle needs. With over a century of parts heritage to rely on, Omnicraft is your quality choice for a wide range of car makes and models.

The Omnicraft Advantage

  •  Available for American, Japanese, Korean and European   vehicles 
  • Precision manufactured components for a long life 
  • Excellent performance under most operating conditions 
  • Backed by warranty of one year or 20,000 KM, whichever  comes first

Omnicraft Brake Pad Features

  • Friction material matched to vehicle family and usage   
  • Ready to install out of the box   
  • Ceramic pads are formulated for: 
  1. High heat tolerance with little fade  
  2. Quiet and low dusting braking performance 
  • Semi-metallic pads are formulated for:  
  1. High heat absorption which pulls heat out of the braking system 
  2. Consistent braking performance with excellent cold bite