Cabin Air Filters

A Trusted Relationship Just Got Better

Omnicraft is the latest brand for affordable, quality parts designed for your vehicle needs. With over a century of parts heritage to rely on, Omnicraft is your quality choice for a wide range of car makes and models.

The Omnicraft Advantage 

  •  Available for American, Japanese, Korean and European vehicles 
  • Precision manufactured components for a long life 
  • Excellent performance under most operating conditions 
  • Backed by warranty of one year or 20,000 KM, whichever comes first

Omnicraft Cabin Air Filter Features

  • Designed to maximize capacity and efficiency throughout the life cycle  • Precision engineered to help filter outside air entering passenger compartment  
  • Electrostatically charged media* and multiple particulate layers help keep dust and pollen from entering the vehicle 
  •  Prevents dirt, bugs and debris from entering and disrupting HVAC operation 
  • Impedes growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and   yeast

* May vary by application