Omnicraft Warranty Summary

Omnicraft is Ford’s newest member of the Ford lineup of parts, offering affordable, reliable parts, designed for non-Ford/Lincoln repairs. Omnicraft competes head-on with the major aftermarket companies on price, quality and warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage in the aftermarket varies by product category. To put us in the most competitive position possible, we elected to match those warranties on a product-by-product basis. Omnicraft coverages are on par with, or better than, the best of the aftermarket in each category, with the added benefit of labor reimbursement for the first two years. This is a summary of warranty highlights. For more information, the seller will refer the customer to the Ford Warranty and Policy Manual.

Omnicraft Parts Product Summary

  • Limited Lifetime: Alternators, Brake Pads, Brake Calipers, Starters,  Loaded Struts, Radiators
  • 3 Years Unlimited Mileage: Coated Brake Rotors, Hubs
  • 2 Years Unlimited Mileage: Oil Filters, Brake Drums, Air Filters, Cabin   Air Filters


Omnicraft Parts
A/C Accumulators X NO YES YES
A/C Compressors X NO YES YES
A/C Condensers X NO YES YES
Air Filters*** X NO YES YES
Alternators X NO YES YES
Brake Calipers (Coated) X NO YES YES
Brake Drums X NO YES YES
Brake Pads X NO YES YES
Brake Rotors (Coated) X NO YES YES
Cabin Air Filters*** X NO YES YES
Fuel Delivery Modules and Pump Kits X NO YES YES
Loaded Struts X NO YES YES
Master Cylinders X NO YES YES
Oil Filters*** X NO YES YES
Radiators X NO YES YES
Starters X NO YES YES
Water Pumps X NO YES YES

*Defect only, original purchaser and receipt required.

**Over the counter sales-labor limit of $150 is exclusive to independent repair facilities.

***Warranty does not cover normal wear or maintenance



*Limited labor costs. **See seller for limited warranty details. Defect only. Original purchaser and receipt required. Excludes towing. Parts included.Labor limited 2yrs.

Coverage Applications

Omnicraft is the exclusive non-Ford/Lincoln parts brand of aftermarket parts for most makes and models. The following parts may have time/mileage coverage other than what is normally offered under the service part warranty.


When a service part is replaced or exchanged under Service Parts Warranty, the replacement part assumes only the remaining, unexpired portion of the warranty of the original replacement part. The warranty period does not start over, nor is it extended with subsequent repairs.


Warranty claims for parts listed under Omnicraft Parts must have the appropriate Service Parts Program Code and the Service Installed Parts data entered in the appropriate boxes on the claims and the data must be submitted to the Company via the OWS Claiming System.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty covers specified Omnicraft products which fail due to a defect in materials or workmanship, as long as the product is used normally and installed properly. This warranty is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions provided below. This warranty is valid only for the “Original Purchaser” of the Product and may not be transferred. Refer to chart for specific components

The “Original Purchaser” is the person who first purchased the Product from an authorized retailer or distributor. Original proof of purchase is required.

Warranty Limitations 

  • Refer to the Omnicraft Parts chart for specific coverages
  • Towing services are NOT covered
  • NO labor reimbursement provided for customer-installed parts
  • Labor to remove and replace the part up to $150/ claim if installed by Fleet, Wholesaler, or Repair Shop Installer (e.g., Independent Repair Facility/IRF) 
  • Labor reimbursed will be calculated based on the standard hours listed in the vehicle’s Manufacturer Service Labor Time Standards Manual (or reasonable equivalent) multiplied by the Dealer’s (from which the component was purchased) approved warranty labor rate in effect on the date of repair, or the over-the-counter IRF actual labor amount, whichever is less. 
  • Parts and labor reimbursement requests must be supported by diagnostic labor and test results clearly documented on the installer’s repair order.
  • All parts must be returned to the dealer or distributor submitting the claim. Labor to remove and replace the part if installed by a Dealer is covered
  • Original receipt and original owner (applies to Limited Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: No coverage for customer abuse, damage due to modifications or the component installed improperly

Maintenance/Wear Items 

Service Part Warranty is applicable to defects only. No coverage is available for concerns resulting from normal wear or maintenance. Examples of covered defects can be found in W&P Section 3 Warranty Coverages under the Category charts.

Examples of non-warrantable maintenance conditions:

  • Brake Lining - Disc pad/friction material wear
  • Brake Rotors/Drums – Surface rust, scoring/grooves as a result of normal use, resurfacing/replacement associated with brake pad service due to normal wear/maintenance
  • Spark plugs, oil filters, air filters