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  • Omnicraft is the exclusive “Most Makes” parts brand of premium aftermarket parts. With over a century of parts heritage to build upon, Omnicraft provides excellent quality and fit and is a preferred choice of professional automotive technicians. 

    It’s the first new parts brand that Ford Motor Company has launched in 50 years, but its heritage runs deep. With the addition of Omnicraft, customers now have access to high-quality and competitively priced parts for all other major brands. A trusted relationship just got better. 

    Omnicraft parts are priced to compete with "Best" aftermarket major national retail competitors. 

    Omnicraft lines include the most common parts for maintenance and light repair.

  • Omni - Omni is a Latin word and means All or In All Directions. We thought that was particularly apropos as Omnicraft will offer wide coverage to all makes of vehicles, covering as much as 90% of the UIO in many lines. 

    Craft - Craft, craftsman, craftsmanship all have come to connote skill, expertise, precision and high quality. Additionally, as Omnicraft is part of the Ford family and that Ford is one of the most recognised and respected brands in the world, we wanted to keep it connected to other Ford family brand that is Motorcraft.

  • In the aftermarket, many manufacturers offer a Good/Better/Best product menu. The Omnicraft line features high-quality parts, comparable to the "Best" aftermarket parts in the industry. Ford engineers have evaluated each product line and determined that Ford Motor Company can stand behind them. 

    Omnicraft stood out head and shoulders as the logical choice to carry the banner for Ford's newest name in parts.

  • No. If a current or future Motorcraft part fits any Ford or Lincoln applications, and also fits any all-makes applications, such as some filters, it will remain a Motorcraft-branded part.

  • Unfortunately, our high quality breeds a lot of imitation. Most Ford Parts are stamped with the Blue Oval or Omnicraft® brand so that you know it's authentic. If a part received by you does not have one of those stamps, then it may not be a Ford Part.

  • Ford Motor Company takes the reputation and legality of its parts very seriously. If you suspect you've received a fake Ford Part - one in Genuine Parts or Omnicraft® brand - we'd greatly appreciate knowing about it. Information will be reviewed and handled discreetly and professionally by a trained Ford Motor Company representative. Visit for more information.

  • Please visit Contact Us page and contact either Ford PSN dealer or Quicklane store near you.