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Omnicraft is the exclusive non-Ford/Lincoln parts brand of aftermarket parts for most major makes and models. Omnicraft Service parts warranty generally offers same warranty coverage period as of FORD/Motorcraft Service parts warranty of 12 months or 20,000 Km except Battery whose warranty period is 12 Months/unlimited Km., whichever occurs first, from the date of the invoice of the parts purchased by customers, and from Ford authorized dealers / distributors. Dealer fit and Over the Counter retails will both maintain the same warranty of 12 Months/20 000 Km for all MEA markets. When a service part is replaced or exchanged under Service Parts Warranty, the replacement part assumes only the remaining, unexpired portion of the warranty of the original replacement part. The warranty period does not start over, nor is extended with subsequent repairs.

Coverage Guidelines

Warranty claims for parts listed under Omnicraft Parts must have the appropriate Service Parts claim type and the Service Installed Parts data entered in the appropriate boxes on the claims in which the data must be submitted to the Company via the applicable claims payment system namely OWS or Servis2.

  • Towing services are NOT covered 

  • For Parts installed by the Customer, only parts reimbursement, NO labor reimbursement 

  • Labor reimbursed to Dealers will be calculated based on the standard hours listed in the FORD Service Labor Time Standards Manual for the parts installed in FORD vehicles and reasonable equivalent time in Non-FORD vehicles multiplied by the Dealer’s (from which the component was purchased) approved warranty labor rate in effect on the date of repair. 

  • Labor is not reimbursable for warranty repairs carried out by independent repair facilities.  

  • Parts and labor reimbursement requests must be supported by diagnostic labor and test results clearly documented on the installer’s repair order wherever applicable. 

  • All parts must be returned to the dealer or distributor submitting the claim and should be retained as per the standard part retention period as stipulated in the Warranty and Policy Manual.  

  • Labor to remove and replace the part if installed by a Dealer is covered. Dealers should reference the Service Labor Time Standards Manual used to determine Labor time in FORD vehicles and reasonable equivalent time in Non-FORD vehicles. 

  • No coverage for customer abuse, damage due to modifications or the component installed improperly. 

Maintenance/Wear Items

Service Part Warranty is applicable to Factory Defects only. No coverage is available for concerns resulting from normal wear or maintenance.