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grouping of Omnicraft air conditioning products

A smart choice for premium automotive A/C components

The origins of automotive air conditioning

Although automotive air conditioning wasn't available as an official manufacturer option until the release of the 1940 Packard, experimentation with automobile A/C occurred through most of the 1930s.

Early examples included the use of parts from a kitchen refrigerator, and you can imagine how much trunk space those took up. Needless to say, it took a while to get it right.

The fine points of automotive A/C systems have obviously been refined over the years, but surprisingly, the basic design and operation have remained largely the same. And, like any piece of hardworking machinery, components need to be replaced from time to time.

Here's where Omnicraft™ comes in. Omnicraft offers premium replacement parts that are backed by Ford but designed for non-Ford Motor Company vehicles.

Omnicraft offers a robust lineup of A/C parts, all designed and tested to provide long-life reliability and performance.



  • Includes latest design enhancements, including select models with control valves, for excellent performance and quiet operation in even the toughest conditions
  • Increase from three to five pistons reinforces the center case and with improved center seal helps decrease leaks under harsh conditions
  • Precision-designed using 3-D coordinate measuring to ensure a precise fit
  • Manufactured from 100 percent all-new components


  • Designed to help maximize radiator airflow and maintain optimum engine-cooling capabilities
  • Rugged pressure, vibration and damage resistance tests establish core integrity and surpass real-world driving conditions
  • Engineering attention to core thickness, fin pitch and tube construction helps ensure optimum performance levels and helps keep the A/C running cold


  • Lightweight space and weight-efficient design are package engineered to help provide optimum performance and a trouble-free installation
  • Helium-tested to ensure structural integrity, resulting in the avoidance of leaks
  • Surfaces designed to help maximize moisture runoff and also help prevent mold and odors

Accumulators and Driers

  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer’s requirements in airtightness, anticorrosiveness, moisture absorption and more
  • Welds are manufactured to remain leak-free and are leak-tested to help ensure reliable operation
  • Desiccant is tested and assembled in a controlled environment and formulated to help absorb maximum refrigerant moisture


Smart Choice

Best of all, Omnicraft A/C components are competitively priced and include a limited lifetime warranty with unlimited mileage, labor included and no commercial exceptions.*

Along with A/C parts, the Omnicraft lineup also includes the most commonly requested parts for maintenance and light repairs — oil filters, brake pads and rotors, loaded struts, starters, alternators and more.

Look for Omnicraft parts wherever Ford and Motorcraft® parts are sold.


*Limited labor costs. See your seller for a copy of the limited warranty.
Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ are trademarks of Ford Motor Company.

Omnicraft serpentine belt

These serpentine belts will help keep your car running smoothly

Omnicraft™ is announcing the addition of serpentine belts to its lineup of premium parts built for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles. With Omnicraft for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles and Motorcraft® and Ford Parts for Ford and Lincoln vehicles, the Total Parts Lineup from Ford offers a solution for major brands on the road. Ford Motor Company has taken advantage of advancements in belt design to help ensure reliability and performance.

Here are more reasons why Omnicraft serpentine belts are a quality choice for most vehicle makes and models:

  • Precise design to application-specific tolerances to help eliminate slipping and squealing
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes to help provide reliable and consistent quality
  • Use of advanced materials designed to help minimize noise, vibration and premature failure
  • Smooth operation and a long service life thanks to advances in synthetic rubber technology
  • Resists deterioration caused by grease, oil, dirt and high temperature


To help ensure you get the correct part, every Omnicraft replacement belt includes useful information encoded in the part number − the number of ribs, outside circumference, width and more are all clearly encoded and printed directly on the belt.

And as always, the Omnicraft advantage means tough standards and rigorous tests to ensure quality, performance, durability and fit. Omnicraft serpentine belts are backed by a two-year warranty with unlimited mileage, labor included* and no commercial exceptions. 

Omnicraft serpentine belts are now available from, as well as your local Ford dealer.


*Limited labor costs. See seller for limited warranty details. Defect only. Original purchaser and receipt required. Excludes towing. Parts included. Labor limited to 2 years.
Omnicraft™ is a trademark of Ford Motor Company.

side view of Omnicraft spark plug

Get your engine off to a great start with Omnicraft™ spark plugs

Omnicraft has added precision-manufactured spark plugs to its growing line of premium parts for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles.

"The new Omnicraft spark plugs will significantly broaden vehicle coverage," said Robert Boss, Ford North American Maintenance Manager, noting that Omnicraft and Motorcraft® spark plugs combined cover 70 percent of vehicles on the road today.

With spark plugs designed to last as long as 100,000 miles, owners sometimes forget about replacing them. However, there are some obvious symptoms when plugs are worn out, such as engine misfiring, difficult starting, higher fuel consumption, rough idle and lack of power. It is best to replace plugs before experiencing any of these problems.

Omnicraft iridium plugs help provide top efficiency and a long service life. The iridium-enhanced 0.6 mm fine-wire center electrode was designed to optimize durability and performance when compared with 0.8 mm fine-wire multi-electrode designs and standard plugs.

The multi-rib insulator helps protect against misfire, while an internal resistor minimizes electrical interference.

Other features of Omnicraft spark plugs:

  • Patented platinum side-wire technology for maximum efficiency in most ignitions
  • V-trimmed ground electrode for enhanced ignitability (compared with the average of other premium brands)
  • Copper core for improved resistance to fouling
  • Nickel-plated shell for corrosion resistance
  • Application-specific designs
  • Heat range determined by industry standard (SAE-J549) test specification


Like all Omnicraft parts, these spark plugs are approved and backed by Ford Motor Company. Our spark plugs are covered with a two-year limited warranty* with unlimited mileage, labor included and with no commercial exceptions.

Omnicraft is the newest member of the Ford Parts family, offering affordable, reliable parts for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles. It joins Motorcraft and Ford Parts to form the Ford Total Parts Lineup, which provides quality vehicle parts for all major brands on the road.**

*See seller for limited warranty details. Defect only. Original purchaser and receipt required.
Excludes towing. Parts included. Labor limited to two years and $150.
**Covers parts commonly replaced through normal maintenance. Some year restrictions apply. See your dealer for participation and details.
Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company.

Side view of a Ford Fusion with A pillar and B pillar highlighted

MIG Plug Welds Secure A-Pillar, Windshield Installation

Replacing the A-pillar on a 2013 and later Ford Fusion can involve removing laser welds in the windshield flange area that interfere with removing the A-pillar. The new A-pillar must then be welded in the windshield flange area, and MIG plug welds can be substituted for the laser welds in this application, spaced roughly 25 mm between plug welds.

Begin the job by heating the offending laser welds and removing any trace of them, aggressively cleaning the metal surfaces to present bare metal surfaces where the MIG plug welds will be installed. Later-model A-pillars will have flanges added to allow good mounting to the vehicle, so drill or punch 7.5 to 8 mm holes in the bracket sheet of metal spaced about 25 mm to 40 mm apart, or ideally wherever the original spot weld was. After making sure everything is clean, clamp the flange sheet onto the body back sheet.

It is good to test weld two pieces of the same metal together away from the vehicle, before taking on the whole pillar, to make sure the test weld is sound and has penetrated through both sheets. Special clamps are available to hold the flanges' base metal together, with space in the middle for the torch to weld the plug weld. The rear face of these clamps is offset so it can fit over flanges. Hold the welding torch wire in the center of a hole (not at the edge of the hole and not at an angle) to avoid creating a weak weld that might not penetrate into the back sheet.

Begin welding in this upright position and keep the welder that way until the hole is almost full of weld. Then move the welder outward in ever-increasing circles until the plug weld is done. The MIG welding machine power should be the same as that used for most other welding, since the metal sheets are the same thickness.

This weld penetration is needed, where the molten pool is just breaking out of the reverse of the back sheet and both sheets are securely welded together.


Install correct windshield and relevant accessories

If installing or reinstalling the Fusion windshield, be aware that the windshield is a very important structural part of the vehicle, contributing to the strength of the roof and A-pillars, and safety of the driver and passengers in case of a collision. The windshield helps to manage collision energy and is an integral part of advanced safety systems and installing a replacement windshield mandates consideration of many factors.

Ford specifies that if any of the following conditions exist, the fixed glass originally in the vehicle must be discarded and a new fixed glass installed.

  • The fixed glass is the windshield glass and equipped with a camera bracket.
  • The fixed glass is the windshield glass and is equipped with adhesive moldings.
  • The fixed glass is the windshield and equipped with an Advanced Head-Up Display (AHUD).
  • The fixed glass is RIM encapsulated.
  • If equipped with a Head-Up Display (HUD) projected on the windshield or a camera bracket, the replacement windshield must have locating pins and spacers to ensure proper alignment. With a head-up display, the windshield must be installed with specific gaps to the A-pillar and roof, as outlined in Ford/ Lincoln workshop manuals.
  • If equipped with a forward-facing camera, it will need calibration.
  • When installing, the replacement windshield should be supported by certain additives:
    • Apply BETASEAL 43538 or equivalent body primer to damaged clear-coat areas that did not expose bare metal. Ford/Lincoln identifies BETASEAL 43538 or equivalent primer.
  • Ford/Lincoln specifies Motorcraft® Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner/ZC-23 (ESR-M14P5-A) to clean the inside of the new fixed glass.
  • Apply either of the following to the new fixed glass:
    • Dow Urethane One Step Glass Primer/ BETAPRIME 5500/5500a/5500SA
    • Sika Urethane Metal and Glass Primer/Sika 206 G+P
    • Ford/Lincoln specifies BETASEAL Express Dow Urethane Adhesive and Sika Tack ASAP Urethane Adhesive


Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.



  • Radiator


    Radiators backed by Ford for non-Ford repairs.

    Omnicraft™, the first new parts brand from Ford in over 50 years, offers premium replacement parts designed for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles. Established in early 2017, Omnicraft currently offers the most common maintenance and light repair parts: oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, brake pads and rotors, loaded struts, starters, alternators and more.

    Omnicraft continues to grow, with a parts lineup that is projected to reach approximately 40 product lines and more than 8,000 parts. The most recent addition is premium replacement radiators with 129 part numbers for Chevy, Ram, Hyundai and all other major brands on the road.

    When combined with Motorcraft®, the Omnicraft line will provide radiator coverage for over 60-percent of all vehicles on the road in the United States.

    Omnicraft radiators are put through rigorous quality assurance measures with each going through intense durability and corrosion testing, verified by performing a side-by-side evaluation between the original equipment radiator and the Omnicraft replacement.

    The Omnicraft radiators are patented and designed for increased strength and optimal flow. Additionally, every radiator is leak-tested prior to packaging. Because of this intense testing and attention to detail, every Omnicraft radiator meets or exceeds the cooling performance of original equipment.

    Importantly, Omnicraft radiators are backed by Ford, and include a limited lifetime /unlimited mileage warranty, labor included* with no commercial exceptions. This new line of radiators is now available where Ford and Motorcraft parts are sold.

    *Limited labor costs. See your seller for a copy of the limited warranty.

    Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ are trademarks of Ford Motor Company.

  • Our Brands


    Need New TPMS Sensors? Why Omnicraft™ Is a Smart Choice

    As part of its expanding lineup of premium aftermarket parts, Omnicraft has introduced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors that fit most non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles on the road.

    Low tire pressure decreases fuel economy and causes tires to wear out more quickly. A decrease of just five psi can cause a tire to fail, creating serious safety concerns.

    The Omnicraft sensors are engineered to meet original equipment functionality, including auto-locate features, and have an easy-to-install snap-in stem. The system’s EZ-sensor is delivered “blank” and is programmable using any of the major TPMS  programming devices.

    For added convenience, Omnicraft sensors combine 314.9, 315 and 433 MHz applications into one unit and are engineered to support new and planned manufacturer technologies. They are also compliant with the TREAD act.

    Omnicraft TPMS sensors are backed by a limited lifetime warranty with unlimited mileage,* labor included** and with no commercial exceptions.

    TPMS sensors have an average battery life of eight years.  However, depending on usage, they could fail anywhere between seven and 10 years.  Technicians generally recommend TPMS sensor replacement any time a customer replaces tires within that period.  This saves the customer money spent on labor and eliminates an extra trip to the shop.  Omnicraft sensors make replacement quick and easy.

    Omnicraft is the newest member of the Ford parts family, offering affordable, reliable parts for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles. It joins Motorcraft® and Ford Parts to form the Ford Total Parts Lineup, which provides quality automotive components for most vehicle brands on the road.

    *See seller for limited warranty details. Defect only. Original purchaser and receipt required. Excludes towing.

    Parts included. **Labor limited to two years. Covers parts commonly replaced through normal maintenance.

    Some model year restrictions apply. See your dealer for participation and details.

    Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. Omnicraft™ is a trademark of Ford Motor Company.