At Omnicraft™, we take the health and well-being of all our customers, employees, dealers and suppliers very seriously. To date, we are constantly monitoring the situation and acting with the best interest of all stakeholders in mind. If you are picking up your order from your dealer, we advise contacting the dealer beforehand. Learn more.

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A C Evaporator

A Trusted Relationship Just Got Better

Omnicraft is the newest member of the Ford family of parts, offering affordable, reliable parts designed for non-Ford repairs. With over a century of parts heritage to build upon, Omnicraft is a quality choice for your business.

The Omnicraft Advantage

  • Available for most non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles
  • Precision manufactured components for a long life
  • Excellent performance under most operating conditions
  • Approved and backed by Ford Motor Company
  • Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty with unlimited mileage**, labor included* and no commercial exceptions

Omnicraft A/C Evaporator Features

  • Designed to help maximize airflow and maintain optimum cabin-cooling capabilities
  • Designed and tested to help provide long life reliability and performance
  • Engineering attention to detail for core thickness, fin pitch and tube construction provides optimum performance levels
  • Designed for uniform refrigerant distribution and to maximize heat transfer
  • Helium tested to ensure structural integrity resulting in the avoidance of leaks
  • Surfaces designed to help maximize moisture runoff and prevent mold and odors
  • Lightweight space and weight-efficient design are package engineered to provide optimum performance and a trouble-free installation
  • Rigorous quality control processes help minimize defects
  • All O-rings and gaskets needed for proper installation are included
  • It is recommended that the evaporator be replaced if ever there is a failure in which debris has entered the A/C system
F C S D Omnicraft Seal 2 Years disc


All Warranties are not the same.


The Omnicraft warranty* offers up to $150 in labor reimbursement.


Commercial vehicles are also covered by the Omnicraft warranty.

*Limited labor costs. See seller for limited-warranty details.